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im undr ur radarz

Gonna be keepin' my head down for a while, folks. Just need a little quiet time.


Hair SOS

I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning at 10am. I'm trying to grow it out, and I just trimmed my bangs, so it's not so much a cut appt. as a colour one. It's currently black, which I love, but I'd love to see some other colour(s) in there. I'll also consider reds. I'd love to go bold, but I have to stay relatively conservative for my job. I'm considering black with auburn highlights, or black with red and blonde chunking... but really, I'm open to anything at this point. If I don't get a solid opinion from you peeps, I'm gonna have to give the stylist free reign... eep.

Yes, I know it's Kelly Clarkson, but I LIKE it.

This would have to be with a slightly less punchy red, but the general idea

Same deal here - would have to be more auburn-y... can you do black hair with auburn highlights??

I don't know... what about wine-y, or dark purple lowlight dealies... ?

oh lordy, but I need help.


4th Apr, 2007

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Say Wha?


Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday to a lovely, beautiful, brilliant, sincere, witty, fashionable, honest, glamourous, generous, amazing, and TOTALLY SCENE lady.

I hope you enjoy your complimentary skateboard and matching dramallama.

Today I've been contemplating those in my life (both past and present-tense) who seem to be filled with nothing but bitterness. Every time I see or hear from or of them, all I seem to find is vitriol; they are so consumed by their hatred/bitterness/grudge that they vilify everything and everyone around them. To themselves, they are the eternal victim. No matter how much they lash out at others, they are always justified in their own mind.

I realized, then, that over the last year I have slowly been distancing myself from these people, from those once near and dear to simple aquaintences. As a currently-very-near-and-dear coined it, the DRAMADIUM TOXICITY of these people seeps into their relationships, and into others accociated with them. And every time I let go of one toxic relationship, a fresh, and always easier one seems to find its way to me.

Life, I then thought, is treating me very well. I am extremely grateful for my friends, for every time I talk to or see them, I feel refreshed and happy.

<333 to all of you.